The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest non-profit scientific and educational organizations. Founded in 1888 to 'increase and diffuse geographic knowledge', the Society’s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet.

It reaches more than 450 million people worldwide each month through its official journal, National Geographic, and other magazines; National Geographic Channel; television documentaries; music; radio; films; books; DVDs; maps; exhibitions; live events; school publishing programmes; interactive media and merchandise. National Geographic has funded more than 10,000 scientific research, conservation and exploration projects and supports an education programme promoting geographic literacy. By staying relevant, engaging and trustworthy, the National Geographic Society has remained a globally admired brand, recently earning an accolade as one of the 'Most Desired Brands in America' by Forbes magazine.

The National Geographic brand is a guarantee of excellence for travel, adventure and exploration products. It is an ideal brand for bags and luggage, as well as other products associated with travel and exploration.